Technical Solutions

Our approach: Always the best expert!

We believe in the complexity and diversity of our industry. Supervision can be done by nearly any transport engineer, but taking the right decision when issues occur needs an expert for the situation and the commodity, especially in project shipments. Together with our in-house partner company RPL Engineering (Bremen, Germany) we offer technical solutions for any project or commodity. Our network of freelance port captains allows us to select the best individuals from the industry to cover your project. From hydraulic trailer operation experts to heavy lift port captains with Flo/Flo experience, we cover all aspects of project cargoes. We also have specialists for pipe and steel products are among our pool of experts. RPL Engineering is member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying.

Feasability Study

  • Road
  • Sea
  • Jobsite

Transport Consulting

  • Transport Design (Cargo) 
  • Consulting (Ship/ Crane/Trailer)
  • Stability/RoRo Calculation

Method Statement

  • Marine
  • Onshore

Technical Drawings

  • Stowage Plan
  • Lifting Arrangement
  • Lashing Arrangement
  • Crane / Trailer Simulation 
  • Mooring Arrangement 

Quality Management

  • Risk Assesment
  • Risk Analysis

Technical Operation

  • Port Captain
  • Site Operator
  • Trailer Operator 
  • Installation


  • Road/Route Survey 
  • Port/Loading Survey 
  • Preloading Survey
  • Damage Survey
  • Packing Survey

Documentation & Live Reporting

As projects become more complex, the information about the actual status of the situation during transportation and handling is important for all parties. Through our modern reporting tools you can participate in the operation remotely and receive the notes and pictures taken by our experts - only moments after they were taken.