Newbuilding S&P 

Invest into the future! 

Today more than 70% of goods are transported by ocean going vessels. The worlds merchant fleet counts far beyond 50,000 vessels. While there is a rather large second hand market offering investment opportunities, there have also been plenty of new technology developments especially in the last 10 years. New ship designs with improved hull shapes, optimized rudder and rotor, as well as modern engines burning cleaner fuels, are the way into the new decade of environmental friendly ocean transportation. 

Sale & Purchase

Development of newbuilding projects

Access to second hand tonnage

Sale and purchase contracting

Shipyard contracting

Projects succesfully executed

16 x SSW Container Vessels

27 x Heavy Lift Vessels (400 up to 800 mt SWL)

10 x Multipurpose Tweendecker

6 x 35,000 dwt Bulker (Seahorse Types)

4+4 x 1,100 TEU Container Vessels (Scrubber)

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